About Make the Future California, 2018

About the event

Shell launched the #makethefuture campaign as part of our ambition to support a brighter energy future by helping to find solutions for more and cleaner energy. By working together with governments, businesses, academic institutions and the community, we can help to transform lives and bring more and cleaner energy to communities around the world. Make the Future California is composed of three events:

  • Make the Future Festival at Sonoma Raceway, April 19-22, 2018. The Festival brings bright energy ideas together and provides a platform for conversation and collaboration; inviting everyone to experience, test, discuss and contribute ideas. It enables our partners to inspire audiences of young people to think differently about their future and that of the world.
  • Shell Eco-marathon Americas at Sonoma Raceway, April 19-22, 2018. The Shell Eco-marathon brings together young engineers to design, build and drive ultra-efficient vehicles. There are two competitions:
    • Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge - where students compete to see whose vehicle design can go the farthest on the least amount of energy.
    • Shell Eco-marathon Drivers' World Championship Regional Final - marrying energy efficiency with speed in a race to be crowned the regional champion and secure a place in the Drivers' World Championship Grand Final in London.
  • Shell Powering Progress Together in San Francisco, April 2018. Powering Progress Together convenes leaders from across California for an action-oriented day of dialogue focused on accelerating the energy transition. While acknowledging that the energy transition is well underway in California, the conversation will focus on the need for continued creativity, collaboration, solution-oriented policy and investment across all sectors.
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What's On

Make the Future California will take you on an interactive journey into what is happening now and the possibilities for the future of energy and mobility.

What to Expect
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Shell Eco-Marathon

Shell Eco-marathon is a global program built to offer students hands-on opportunities to develop ideas and technology, knowledge and skills

What is Shell Eco-marathon?
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